Hello and Welcome –

I’m an American mother of two teenage boys, living and working for the past 12 years in Bangkok, Thailand.

My passion is wellness.  For me, at the moment, this takes the form of real food, a fitness plan, low stress and good relationships + a bit of adventure in everyday life.  I love to experiment with finding my right balance between what is good for my body and good for my soul.

I believe that:

  • each day presents opportunities for creativity and healthy change;
  • if we learn to take care of ourselves we will be better able to take care of others;
  • family dinners are essential;
  • margaritas can at times be the correct answer to the work week; and
  • semi-colons in blogs are not as problematic as people say.

I hope to inspire you to make positive health and lifestyle changes, wherever you are.

I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting!