What Mineral Water Is and How to Shop for It

As the end of 2017 draws closer, I find myself thinking about my plan to commit to full-on Plant Paradoxing in February.  This will entail about 6 weeks of strictly following Dr Steven Gundry’s diet – or rather Way of Eating, since his intention is that once on it one does not really ever stop.  I have already read the book forwards Continue reading “What Mineral Water Is and How to Shop for It”

The Best Yoga Studio in Thailand that No One Knows About – Sol Yoga Bangkok

Bangkok is often a mystery of traffic congestion and related stress in getting from point A to B.  I learned a long time ago that thinking I could accomplish 3 things in a day – all in different locations around the city – was a tad too ambitious.  These days I try to round up my activities in a given 24 hours into a particular location, and just stay put.

On the other hand, there are always tempting reasons to dive into the fray of Bangkok traffic, and one for me is a good fitness class.  For 8 months or so I was a regular at a HIIT training studio.  They offered a ½ hour lunch class that I loved, and the location was a short ride (defined as more-or-less 20 minutes) from my office.  I could get there, get a workout in, shower and return in a respectable hour and a half.  Twice a week I figured was doable. Continue reading “The Best Yoga Studio in Thailand that No One Knows About – Sol Yoga Bangkok”

Winter Salad

Important question for you:  is salad only a summer food?

I think not.

Never had I even pondered such a notion before this year, when a friend surprised me with this assertion after I innocently suggested adding a salad to our dinner plan, in January.

Well, I do kind of get it.

Delicate baby greens would seem to be spring and summer food.  But what about cabbage and kale, mature Romaine even?  What about green houses that produce micro greens year-round for all of us rabbit-food fans in the world?  What about Continue reading “Winter Salad”