The Best Yoga Studio in Thailand that No One Knows About – Sol Yoga Bangkok

Bangkok is often a mystery of traffic congestion and related stress in getting from point A to B.  I learned a long time ago that thinking I could accomplish 3 things in a day – all in different locations around the city – was a tad too ambitious.  These days I try to round up my activities in a given 24 hours into a particular location, and just stay put.

On the other hand, there are always tempting reasons to dive into the fray of Bangkok traffic, and one for me is a good fitness class.  For 8 months or so I was a regular at a HIIT training studio.  They offered a ½ hour lunch class that I loved, and the location was a short ride (defined as more-or-less 20 minutes) from my office.  I could get there, get a workout in, shower and return in a respectable hour and a half.  Twice a week I figured was doable. Continue reading “The Best Yoga Studio in Thailand that No One Knows About – Sol Yoga Bangkok”

Bangkok Guide: a Self-care Saturday

Looking for a virtuous and indulgent way to spend a Saturday with a couple of girlfriends in Bangkok? Or perhaps you will soon find yourself with a free Saturday in Bangkok at one end of a business trip and just want to treat yourself right for the day? I’ve got you covered: Continue reading “Bangkok Guide: a Self-care Saturday”