Coffee Add-ins: Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil

In the ongoing quest to optimize my breakfast fuel, I recently considered whether, and if so how, to inject my caffeinated beverage of choice, French-roast black coffee, with oil.

If you have heard of Bulletproof Coffee or the Bulletproof Diet, the idea of putting oil in coffee will be familiar to you already. If not, I may have just Continue reading “Coffee Add-ins: Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil”

Questioning Coffee: To Drink, Or Not To Drink?

The widespread availability of foods containing caffeine has led experts to suggest that 80% of all people in North America have measurable levels of caffeine in their brains from embryo to death.   Wenk, Gary L. (2015, Chapter 9, p 185). Your Brain On Food.

Have you ever questioned your coffee-drinking habit?   Continue reading “Questioning Coffee: To Drink, Or Not To Drink?”