Bangkok Guide: a Self-care Saturday

Looking for a virtuous and indulgent way to spend a Saturday with a couple of girlfriends in Bangkok? Or perhaps you will soon find yourself with a free Saturday in Bangkok at one end of a business trip and just want to treat yourself right for the day? I’ve got you covered: Continue reading “Bangkok Guide: a Self-care Saturday”

The Right Way to Make a Healthy Green Juice (Or Smoothie)

The variety of businesses in Thailand operating on a shoestring are truly amazing, and street markets have a tendency to pop up out of thin air.  For awhile I was a regular at a gym located on Sukhumvit, the famously long, busy road that winds through many important and popular places in Bangkok.  Though less so lately since the government is on a mission of clearing them up, hawkers plying an endless range of products Continue reading “The Right Way to Make a Healthy Green Juice (Or Smoothie)”