The Plant Paradox – 7 1/2 Month Update

After 7 1/2 months on the program, it’s time for another Plant Paradox update.

Some Background

After reading the Plant Paradox, by Dr Stephen Gundry, I was struck by how much sense it made.   And since I couldn’t un-learn its central message – that certain plants want to kill us and will slowly achieve that result if we allow it – I decided to try out the Plant Paradox Way of Eating.  I thought it might at least rid me of some unwanted holiday pounds.  Also, the possibility of an energy boost was appealing.  I was quite casual with the program at first and cheated a lot.  Even with the cheats though, I noticed quick results.  Eventually, I began to cheat less.  Thinking that a record of my efforts might be useful to someone, I have been posting updates along the way at 6-8 week intervals.  The most recent update can be found here.

The Wins

It has taken a lot of time but I feel like finally I’ve turned a corner with this program.  In fact, the Wins are really beginning to pile up:

  • With 2 minor exceptions, the Plant Paradox is a grain-free way of eating.  During the past 6 weeks I finally experimented a bit with grain free baking.  Results have been mixed.  It’s gonna take time to adapt to grain free baking.  I’m not a baker by nature, anyways, and don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  But sometimes I miss a bready thing.  Plus, I still have a couple of family members to feed on the regular.  They have bready needs that have been going unmet for the past 7.5 months.  I did make decent grain-free carrot turmeric muffins recently.  The big challenge with grain-free baking is the texture.  Without the grains, baked goods are denser and don’t hold together as well.  At least mine don’t.  But I’m on the path.  Win!
  • I cleared my pantry of a few bags of powdered sugar that had been hanging around since last December.  Imitation vanilla, frozen puff pastry and filo dough also got the boot.  The mental shift in my commitment level in taking this step was big.  (I have minimalist tendencies and love to get rid of things, anyway.) Win!
  • Amazingly, I just don’t crave conventional breads, cake and cookies anymore.  I look at them in coffee shop cases, and they do nothing for me.  Even when they wink.  Same with cocktails – including my former, beloved G&Ts – on the rare occasion I indulge (and yes, that would be a cheat…), need to be made with Fever Tree tonic as it is sooo much less cloying than conventional tonic water. Win!
  • Wine and I have not broken up by any means, but I have upgraded and cut back.  Increasingly concerned about the pesticides and toxic molds in wine, when I was in Colorado in July I sought out organic labels.  It is harder to source – even more so back here in Thailand – and more expensive.  Result #1:  I drink less of it and less frequently.  Result #2:  I’m avoiding all the toxins present in conventional wine.  Result #3: Sluggish mornings-after have disappeared.  Triple Win!
  • I’m consciously incorporating more vegetarian meals into my life, even when it’s not necessary (meaning when the vegetarian member of my family is not sitting at the table).  It’s easy.  Win!
  • My weight moved down another 3 lbs or so (for a total of 16 lbs) since beginning this adventure on January 31, 2018.   Win!
  • My energy has been reliably high. Win!

The Challenges

  • I’m going over my limit still at times on dark chocolate, acceptable carbs like plantain chips or sweet potatoes.  And of course, when I do drink red wine, which is not often and which I (oddly) do not miss at all, it is likely to be more than 1 glass.


As you can see from the above, the Wins clearly outweigh the challenges these days.  It’s hard to imagine going backward when going forward feels so good.

Since I feel very solid on this program I will post only 2 more updates, one in about 8 weeks and one at the 1-year mark.  I hope to achieve more positive experiences with grain-free baking, and better success with sticking to the eating plan during travel.

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