Plant Paradox – After 18 Weeks !

It’s time for another 6-week Plant Paradox update, so let’s get to it.

Luckily, these past 6 weeks have found me mostly in Thailand, which translates to an easier time sticking to the program.  Eating out so much during work travel brings in the mystery element with food sourcing, and I’m becoming increasingly picky about this sort of thing.  When I am in Thailand, I mostly eat from home.

And so, without further adieu, after 18 weeks attempting to put myself into a low lectin life situation, according to the book, Plant Paradox, by Dr Stephen Gundry, here is where I’m at:


  • I notice that I am becoming very conscious of my bites of food during meals.  I’m putting my fork down between bites, taking smaller bites, and lo and behold, I notice that I’m not hungry sometimes even when food remains on my plate.  More than a few times I have pushed the plate away before it was empty.  This is a new concept for me – I don’t like waste.  But as I get better at figuring out the quantities my body really needs, I will hopefully adjust downward the amount I put on my plate in the first place, and solve the waste issue.
  • I’m getting good at having healthy smoothie ingredients prepped in the freezer for my green banana pina colada shake, of which everyone in my household drinks, especially during the hot season.  I’m also working on another flavor combination so we don’t get sick of this one too soon.
  • I tried one of the grain-free baked goods – the chocolate cake with melted almond butter as a sauce from Dr Gundry’s YouTube channel.  It was super easy and actually not half bad – even my son liked it.  So that was an extremely small step toward grain free baking.
  • I can’t recall the last time I ate a potato, and really don’t miss them.  Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, have become regulars in my kitchen.  Also I’m finding it easier than I thought to omit tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers and other nightshades from my life.  If I really need one of these items I “de-fang” them as Dr Gundry instructs by removing the skin and seeds before proceeding.  I will say, however, that in the nightshade department, I take issue with omitting chile peppers from my life – Thai bird chile peppers are small and rather difficult to skin, though I have done it once or twice, v-e-r-y carefully.  At least with Thai food, it is easy enough to do what many Thais do, and include the chiles in the dish for some heat but push them aside when eating the food.


  • Still don’t have a way to pressure cook legumes, so I am missing out on the bean category.  This is a drag.
  • I need a bread product option.  Here in Thailand as far as I know that means I need to get off my south side and attempt to bake them myself.  I’m resisting that.  If I had something easy and delicious I might not grab bites of French bread (as I did last night) or water crackers to eat with cheese or just butter, that I still supply for other members of my household.


My energy continues to be high, I’m sleeping well and my weight also continues to slowly but surely drop.  During this 6 week period I dropped another 3 pounds, for a grand total of 12 lbs.  Truly, I am not missing out and continue to indulge (aka, cheat) regularly, and enjoy doing so.  I’m starting to get comments from people at work who are noticing the changes.  I also feel like I’m making progress in finding my optimal nutritional needs.


As planning and food prep is such an important factor in one’s success with the Plant Paradox Way of Eating, I’m eyeing the next 6 weeks on my calendar.  It will be filled to the brim with travel – 3 business trips with barely 10 totals days at home in Thailand – so I need a solid strategy to come through it in good health, let alone a modicum of success as a Plant Paradoxer.  I’m planning to

  • follow my own advice for feeling good and reducing “jet belly,” which will also mean I will be in Plant Paradox mode while flying;
  • bring along my favorite supplements and healthy snacks;  and
  • plan for exercise and meditation even if it has to take place in my hotel room

With any luck, I will have my best to-date intensive travel period yet in the coming 6 weeks.

I wonder, am I the only one out here in Thailand, or are there other Plant Paradoxing persons out there.  I’d love to read about your tips and hacks while living in the Big Mango.


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